No place is safe.

No one can be trusted.

And time is running out…


Jack’s enemies want nothing more than to see him dead and they’ve travelled the ends of the Earth to find him. As Jack and Nya now flee for their lives they encounter old friends and new enemies, hoping to find a solution that will end this feud once and for all. But friends and enemies aren’t always what they seem and the two turn for help in the ugliest of places. 

As Jack’s past comes to light, it threatens to smother the one thing he has fought for the most – his love with Nya. Jack will do anything to protect her and Nya will stop at nothing to save him. But as friendships crumble and alliances weaken, Jack’s deepest secret is revealed, leaving them to face their greatest challenge yet. Desperate, Jack is forced to strike a deal he knows he can’t fulfill and Nya is torn between her love for him and what she knows is right.

Jack and Nya have endured so much so fast, have surpassed great odds to be together, but will their love survive their darkest hour?