Nya and Jack have sacrificed so much to be together, but now, it seems, they've sacrificed even more to stay apart. Nine months have passed since Nya left Jack in the hopes of saving him. She is working for her uncle in Texas, miles from home and everything she’s ever known. Jack still wants her but pressure from Elias has forced him underground, leaving Nya worried about his safety.

All the while, trouble is brewing among Elias’ people and there is rumor of betrayal at every corner. Half-bloods are being hunted once again, slaughtered in their sleep, and Nya can’t help but wonder who’s behind it. Is it the same people who attacked her and Jack? Is it Elias or a new adversary, one who’ll wreak even greater havoc in his wake?

With trouble on the horizon, Jack’s fate becomes unclear and Nya quickly realizes she might be the only one who can save him. But will saving the man she loves actually kill him in the end?

Suspense, and heart-pounding action abounds as The Aria Trilogy draws to its surprising conclusion.